"To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug."

                                                                              ~Helen Keller

Hi!  My name is Mary Summers. 

I'm an environmental consultant and I'd like to tell you why:

On Earth Day, 1971, a non-profit organization called

Keep America Beautiful  launched a campaign with the theme~

"People Start Pollution. People Can Stop It" that featured a television ad known as the "Crying Indian." For those too young to have experienced it, check it out here: 


When that Indian cried, I cried with him.  As young as I was, that commercial had such a profound effect on me that it changed my view of the world around me forever. 


During summer breaks from school, I helped my Mom at the office which led me into an administrative career that I pursued for years.

I enjoyed it at first, but after the novelty wore off, it didn't fulfill my sense of purpose.  I wanted to do something that had more meaning.


Then one day, I realized that although I don't desire fame and fortune (happiness is much more important) I do want to end each day knowing I've made a difference in the world. With the encouragement and support of my loving husband of 23 years, who is as devoted to this cause as I am, I returned to college to earn an environmental degree and I've never looked back.


I came full circle and Nature@Home was born...


It is Who I Am


  • Low Impact Development Degree

  • Low Impact Development

        Specialist Certification

  • Low Impact Development

        Design Certification

  • Low Impact Development

        Geospatial Specialist Certification

  • Building Green Real Estate Certification

  • Trees in Green Stormwater Infrastructure Certificate

  • Stream Monitoring

        Information Exchange Training

  • In Pursuit of Sustainable Landscaping

  • Neighborhood Tree Keeper Training

  • Invasive Species Removal

  • Residential Rain Garden      Certification Course

  • Urban Forestry 2019 Pruning Update