"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."                 ~Anne Frank

Although it is important for a community to support local businesses,

the reverse is also true.  In keeping with Nature@Home's core values and its goal of reconnecting people and their land to nature, I am committed to using my skills and experience as a volunteer—desiring to do my part to restore the Earth to the planet it was meant to be...for my grandchildren and yours.

Below are some of the activities I participate in to better our community:

Educating the public about rain gardens:

What they are, how they function

and why they are important

to people and wildlife.

Installing a Bioswale

Elevated Park

Maggie Valley

Installing a Rain Garden

Carver Community Center

Black Mountain

Categorizing and counting aquatic species for the

Stream Monitoring Information Exchange.

Details of species present and abundances provide insights into the health of

local watersheds.

This information is used for research and to obtain grants.