The environmental consultation services Nature@Home provides are unique in the industry in WNC because the focus is on private properties.  These smaller parcels of land aren't required to adhere to environmental laws needing expensive specialists for spatial analysis, wildlife corridor studies, land surveys and the like.  What I offer are simple, effective solutions to real world issues such as wildlife habitat loss, pollution abatement, erosion, etc.  The amazing part is most of them will save time, money and/or enhance psychological well-being while improving aesthetics!  Additionally, I ensure you understand and are comfortable with the choices you are making, why they are important and how they affect you, your land and your lifestyle. 



 Step 1 

Complete the

Pre-Consultation Survey


It provides insight into your priorities, values and goals as they relate to the environment.


This allows us to have a more focused discussion during the initial consultation.


There is no fee to administer the survey.

 Step 2 

Initial Consultation

Takes place at the subject property to discuss the question-

naire, allow Nature@Home to ask questions and make observa-tions that inform future analysis, explain the consultation process and give you the opportunity to address specific issues or questions you have. 

 Step 3 

Analysis & Input

Synthesize input from

initial consultation and landscaping analysis to generate a list of recommended techniques. This includes a brief explanation of each technique, how it is beneficial and examples to help you visualize. Using this list as a guide, you decide which techniques you're interested in discussing further.

 Step 4 

Second Consultation & Recap

Discuss and explore the techniques you're interested in. Nature@Home will provide additional information and answer questions. You will determine which techniques you would like to pursue. 

Post-consultation, a recap is drawn up that includes what was discussed and what actions need to be taken by both you and Nature@Home moving forward.



 Step 5 

Draft Plan & Cost Estimate


A draft plan (if needed) and cost estimate are generated that you use to decide which techniques you'd like to implement. During this step, an experienced landscape professional and Nature@Home will visit the site together to discuss the projects and obtain information needed to create an installation estimate.

 Step 6 

Refine Plan & Get Approval

You can approve the draft plan   (if needed) and estimate as it stands or make changes. Plans will be refined based on your input and the estimate revised to reflect the changes.  This process is repeated until you are comfortable with both the plan and estimated costs.

 Step 7 


At this step, you decide if you want Nature@Home to serve as project manager.  This includes logistical support, supervising the installations and ensuring your input is represented.  Alternately, you may choose to work directly with a recommended contractor who has experience with environmental installations.

 Step 8 


You receive a care guide for each technique implemented, when  needed. If Nature@Home is the project manager, a follow up site visit can be scheduled, at no charge, to ensure installations are functioning properly. Customer

service does not end with this step. Nature@Home is always available to answer questions.