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"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you."           

                                ~Jane Goodall

Frequently asked questions:

Is your work gauranteed?

My success relies on your satisfaction! Nature@Home gaurantees the work will be done as detailed in the process. I always welcome questions or comments regarding my performance and the installation work I supervise. Keep in mind that the types of changes made to your property will require some form of maintenance on your part and is minimal, especially after the first year. As with any environmental installation, you need to read and follow the care guide instructions that provides information to keep it functioning properly post-installation. Nature@Home is committed to answering your questions at any time. Customer service does not end once the transactions are complete.

How do your services benefit me?

Most importantly, realize that all of the installations I recommend are beneficial to the environment in more than one way. Because humankind relies on the environment to survive, then it goes without saying that any practice that benefits the environment also benefits you. My recommendations have different combinations of the following human benefits: saves time, saves money, enhances psychological well-being, educates children, shows your neighbors or customers that you care, increases property value, mitigates problem areas and more! To help you make an informed choice regarding what installations are best for you, all of the benefits of each will be explained.

How am I helping the environment by engaging your services?

Depending on the recommendations made specifically for your property, benefits to the environment will include one or more of the following: providing native wildlife with their four basic needs (habitat)—food, cover, water and a place to raise young, slowing stormwater runoff which also reduces pollution, sedimentation and higher water temperatures that adversely affect aquatic life, replenishing ground water supplies, reducing air, soil and light pollution, reducing the quantity of items going to the landfill, conserving precious water resources, reduces the "heat island" effect, conserving natural resources, mitigating the effects of wildlife habitat fragmentation, giving endangered species a fighting chance for survival and providing habitat for migrating species. Yes! One person can make a difference!

I've heard the word "sustainability." What is it and why is it important?

Sustainability is a practice that meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It is a process or a state of being that can be maintained at a certain level for as long as is wanted. Harnessing solar energy is a simple example of a sustainable practice. According to the National Academies of Science, Engineeering and Medicine, 81% of the energy produced today comes from fossil fuels. These resources are not renewable, therefore, not sustainable. The Sun, however, will be here as long as we are and therefore, harnessing its energy for fuel is sustainable. Nature@Home recommends installations that promote sustainability in the use of water, air, soil, energy and the establishment of resources for current and future generations of wildlife.

Why do you use a drop of water in your logo?

The drop of water used in Nature@Home's logo exemplifies why I am in business. In nature, water is everything. All life as well as everything we are, do and buy would not be possible without it. It is the most important and valuable natural resource in existence. Protecting water is essential to our survival and all that we posses and enjoy. Taking it for granted is a dangerous folly. One of Nature@Home's most important missions is to show you how you can do your part to protect, clean and replenish water supplies now and for the future.