"What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?"                             ~Henry David Thoreau

Real Estate Agent

The April 2019 REALTORS & Sustainability Report  "...found that consumer demand in real estate continues to trend eco-friendly."   According to NAR President, John Smaby  "...the report shows that sustainability impacts consumers' home buying decisions..."  For this report, the National Association of Realtors surveyed members regarding their perception of how important the following are to homeowners:


► Consumer Interest in Sustainability:  9% Very Interested & 47% Somewhat Interested

► Utility Bills:  25% Very Important & 52% Somewhat Important

► Landscaping for Water Conservation:  7% Very Important & 25% Somewhat Important


The NAR Sustainability Program in conjunction with the statistics shown above, speaks to the prevalence of environmental consumerism in real estate today.  Many discussions and studies focus on the building, however, the land is also an impactful component of sustainability.  So how does Nature@Home fit in with your goals to offer clients what they are asking for to motivate them to buy or sell?  

Sellers:  I can provide options that increase the environmental value of their property which has the potential to increase its resale value.  These sustainable features are outside, making them different and more visible than the standard offerings.  In addition to ads, the green data fields in the MLS can be utilized to promote them.

Buyers:  If you flip houses or list/sell for people who do, you know that many older homes lack sustainable features.  Engaging Nature@Home's environmental consultation services is a vehicle to increase the chance a property may be purchased that otherwise wouldn't attract as much interest.